From an initial brand audit to full-scale identity branding.


A strategy is only the first step. We are hands-on. Our expertise is based on years of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and anticipation of what’s next. We ask the hard questions, double down during obstacles, and provide answers.

Consulting for us is about relationships – working together with our clients builds more than projects; it develops partnerships, colleagues, shared experiences, and long term friends. We put the right people on the project and adapt our approach to your goals.

Our value is anchored in the strategic know-how we bring to the table, a deep understanding of technology, proficiency at managing high-performing teams, and a passion for modern delivery processes.

Whether you need help with a platform/business strategy, an in-flight project, or need a talented consultant to bridge critical gaps, Pickrays is here to help.

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We bring a new point of view.

We’re always listening and learning, deliberating and devising, communicating and combobulating, building and bedazzling, advising and augmenting. We wouldn’t have it any other way


02. Deliberate & Devise

Our heads bulging with all this info, we sit down to apply our expertise to your particular situation to arrive at a custom solution. While we will certainly build upon the knowledge amassed and work done for other clients, we don’t for one nanosecond buy into the one-size-fits-all theory. We know that each client is unique; we don’t pull out a previously used game plan, swap out another client’s name for yours and present it as tailor made just for you. Call us odd (and some probably do) but we actually enjoy the challenge of solving your unique problems with unique solutions.

04. Build & Bedazzle

This part of the process is where the you get to sit back and read the paper while we make dinner. Approved plan in hand and timeline set, our team of experienced, talented designers and developers will start cooking, and our project manager will keep one eye on the cooks, one eye on the oven and one eye on the timer. (We find three-eyed project managers to be the best kind.) We’ll communicate our progress along the way, answer any questions posed (the most frequent of which is “When will dinner be ready?”) and, when dinner’s ready, we’ll flip the switch so you can pull up a chair and feast, leaving the competition to eat its heart out.

01. Listen & Learn

The key to any healthy, productive relationship is listening, so that’s what we do first (and some might say best). Whether in person, via phone or teleportation (which is surely coming any day now), we work with you to better understand your needs, your competitive environment and what makes you unique. With that shiny new information in hand, we move along to the next phase.

03. Communicate & Combobulate

Here’s the thing: we could draw up the most beautiful site design, shopping cart and strategic marketing plan the world has ever seen, but if it doesn’t resonate with you, if it doesn’t feel like a good fit, if it doesn’t seem like something you would ever take home to meet the parents, then we need to tweak it or go a different direction. Honest feedback and open dialogue are key during this phase of the relationship. Clarity is critical — if you’re feeling discombobulated, we need to know. We prefer our clients to be in a state of combobulation. No, it’s not a word, but we think it should be. Sometimes this quest for clarity requires a new vocabulary.

05. Advise & Augment

When you sell a house, you likely work with a trusted real estate agent intensely for weeks or months, relying heavily on their advice. And then, at the closing, they turn over the keys and exit your life so swiftly it’s like they found out you dated their sister. We don’t spend weeks or months in the marketing trenches with you only to hand you a new tool, wish you luck and move on. We pride ourselves on being in the game with our clients for the long haul, providing tailor-made, strategic marketing plans to produce tangible, measurable results. And when we hit a speed bump we slow down, appraise the situation and make necessary adjustments.
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Yes we do, with our team of expert business strategists, we provide answers to all your business needs.

No, we don't just advise, we get involved. We are with you, rolling up our sleeves to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you on your toughest business challenges.

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